Underdash Advantage
Choice of Unit, Components & Accessories
  • Select from a choice of Cool Only or Heat & Cool Unitwith a variety of condenser sizes and compressor mounting brackets to create a custom underdash system for virtually any vehicle.
  • Optional Upgrades available for Chrome or Polished Compressor.
  • Maxumize system performance by adding electric condenser fans for additional airflow truough condenser.
Unit Construction
  • Large 32 pass coil allows a larger surface area to cool the air as it passes through the coil for maximum cooling capacity.
Replacement Parts
  • Replacement parts for Hurricane series units are readily available
Customer Service
  • We take Pride in our outstanding customer service and technical assistance both before and after the sale. A majority of our sales are generated by referrals and repeat satisfied customers.
Old Air Products Underdash Evaporator Coil
We use a large 32 Pass Evaporator Coil that provides up to 16-33% more cooling capacity than our competitors.
Typical Competitors
Evaporator Coil
Most Competitors units use a smaller 24 pass coil while some other compititors will use a coil with as few as 16 passes to cut their production costs..