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About Old Air Products

The Leader In Air Conditioning Systems & Replacement Parts for Classic, Custom, and Antique Vehicles

Old Air Products was established in 1989 with the concept of manufacturing an A/C, Heat & Defrost system that would fit any vehicle. We quickly found that with the large variety of vehicles and personal choices of their owners we needed to provide a system with variable choices to allow our customers to customize the A/C system to fit both stock and custom vehicles. This was the beginning of our HURRICANE® series systems. When we designed our A/C system we had a few things in mind. Make a system that was compact, modular, easy to service and easier to install. It was important that the evaporator serve as the backbone for a fully customized installation. It was important that this system outperform other aftermarket kits on the market as well as factory A/C systems of the period. What we achieved was the HURRICANE® unit. The system is designed to replace the factory heater and mount up in the space vacated by it. We attained what we set out to accomplish. What is amazing is the variety of vehicle applications it fits. There are three variations of the HURRICANE® the only difference being where the tubes exit the case and thus, go through the firewall. A side exit fitting design allows for a clean firewall installation. With a wide variety of switching and venting options one of these systems will fit just about any American built car from 1928 through the mid 1980’s, most foreign cars as well as later model vehicles. Our next step was to build upon the HURRICANE® Series systems by adding custom mounting plates, custom condenser assemblies and switching packages to make custom kits for many of the more popular vehicles such as the 63-67 Corvettes, 55-57 Chevy Cars, 47-87 Chevy Pickups, 65-73 Mustangs, 53-56 and 67-72 Ford Pickups. These well thought out kits include all the items necessary for a clean, easy custom installation. We did not stop there, as we began supplying replacement parts for many Original Factory A/C systems. As time progressed many parts for older vehicles began to get harder to find. New government regulations for automotive refrigerants made it difficult to repair original Factory A/C Systems. Old Air Porducts met this challange by manufacturing many new replacement parts such as hose assemblies, evaporator cores, blower switches, vacuum actuators and control cable sets. Many of these parts are exact replicas and outperform the originals. Over the past years we have developed many products that enhance the factory systems and replace no longer available parts. We hold several patents in replacement parts, most notable is our Patented POA Update Kit. This clever kit allows the consumer to upgrade to R134a without loss of performance. In an effort to maximize our product line, many parts are supplied as replacement parts as well as components in our aftermarket line. We are committed to quality, customer service and cooling the classics. We hope you enjoy our catalog and if you need something you do not see listed, please give us a call at (817) 531-2665.